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Boys Basketball

2022-2023 Registered AAU Clubs


Club Code Club Name Club Contact City State Email Contact
23-W3484T All-America Valley Basketball Club Wolfe, Steven L Shelton CT
23-W38WEC Athletes R Us Dugue III, Victor J West Hartford CT
23-W3855E ConnecticUt Bradford, Troy M Meriden CT
23-W39E9F Connecticut Heat Girls Basketball Club Jones, A M New Britain CT
23-W39C76 Connecticut Takeover Gilbert, Darren M Berlin CT
23-W387YW CT Northstars Dacosta, Katie A Hartford CT Katie.DaCosta@GMAIL.COM
23-W376TF CT Spartans Elite Basketball Lopez, David  Lebanon CT
23-W39C78 CT Visionairez Rudolph, Bonita I naugatuck CT
23-W36A64 DTX Taylor, David S Trumbull CT
23-W386TA G&L Sports LaGram, William J GLASTONBURY CT
23-W37BWY New Haven Heat Basketball Family Kennedy Jr, Richard  Hamden CT
23-W35Y88 North Haven Senior Basketball League Macdonnell, John J North Haven CT
23-W36BAC Romeo Sporting Romeo, Anthony  Ridgefield CT

To find out more about participation in the AAU, please contact: Tony Duarte
Feel free to attend any posted meeting.

Tony Duarte

District Chair

Phone: 860-985-0106

Connecticut AAU Boys Basketball State Championships

Information for State Championships will be posted as it becomes available.  

The following information remains the same from year to year, so why not get ready for next year's season?!? As the dates get closer, an email Blast will go out to coaches and club directors that are currently registered. If you haven't gotten your new AAU membership do it ASAP to be receiving all the email blasts


  1. All players and bench personnel must be registered AAU members.
  2. Coaches Attire: collared shirt and slacks. No athletic wear or shorts are permitted. No open toed shoes.
  3. Only coach's listed on the roster are allowed on the bench.
  4. All players must have numbers on front & back of uniforms.
  5. Teams must print their score sheets before the tournament.
  6. Every team must have one person to keep their book.

It is your responsibility to read - and follow ALL rules found on the link to the right side of this page!

National High School Rules unless AAU has specific rule.

Please call or email Tony Duarte with questions:


Club and all adult memberships now require time consuming background checks, so be sure to register as soon as possible so you don't miss out!


The process for Boys and Girls Basketball Team Registration has changed.  Please click on the link above PlayAAUHoops, for the user manual. 


Katie DaCosta

CT Northstars Boys and Girls Basketball / Grades 5 THRU 11 / Practices: Bulkeley, Weaver, or Hart

Phone: 860-523-4888 OR 860-985-7005

Marlon Rozie

CT Roughriders Boys Basketball / Grades 5 THRU 11/ Practices: Greater Hartford area

Phone: 860-682-5175

Jay Nkonoki

CT Heat Boys Basketball / Grades 6-11 / Practices: New Briatin and Middletown area

Phone: 860-833-8182