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September 17, 2021

Effective 9/17/2021, we will be posting a list of all AAU clubs which have obtained registration in CT. 


If you do not see a club on this list, this means that they are not currently registered AAU clubs.  Unfortunately there are several clubs which advertise to be AAU clubs.  Please reach out to the club administrator if they advertise to be AAU and do not appear on this list.  AAU registration includes the very encompassing AAU insurance.  If your club and its athletes are not registered AAU, they are not insured by AAU.   Unfortunately we cannot accept complaints for clubs which falsely advertise their AAU membership. 

This list will be updated as more clubs approve their listing.  

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18th Annual Connecticut AAU Awards information coming soon...

Updated September 2021...Scholarship application is available now!  Please scroll down the page...

Though we were not able to hold the awards banquet this year, we were excited to award 9 Connecticut AAU Scholarships to our deserving High School seniors. 

Hope to see you in June 2022!

Learn more about the AAU-a short video presentation..

Click here for a short video showing what the AAU is all about!

2022 Connecticut AAU Scholarship

September 17, 2021

Attention High School Seniors!  

By unanimous approval, the CT District of the AAU will again be awarding the CT AAU Scholarships!  

This one-time Scholarship will be made payable to the College or University of your choice.  This scholarship is only available to High School seniors and the monies can only be used toward a College or University, not a post-grad High School year.  We understand that current events will prevent many HS Seniors from accessing Transcripts and guidance counselor letters of recommendation.  In order to account for difficulties getting materials from your school, we have changed our submission requirements, as noted on the application.  With ongoing pandemic restrictions, we will monitor the situation and decide on the banquet at a later date this year.  We are hoping the extra time being offered will give more students an opportunity to begin the task of obtaining letters of recommendation.  

Please print the application below and follow all instructions.   

When you apply for this scholarship, please be sure to add to your address book as notifications are made via email and you do not want it to go into a Spam folder!

You do not need to be a current AAU member to apply for the Scholarship, however you do need to have participated within the past 5 years, as we will need to verify your coach/club participation.  

Scholarships are typically awarded each year at our annual awards Banquet tentatively scheduled for June 14th.  Awards will range from $1000 - $1,500.   If the Awards banquet gets cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be mailing the Scholarship checks directly to the recipients.   

Scholarship Applications MUST be followed to the letter and all materials submitted must be postmarked by April 30, 2022.  They MUST be sent through the US Mail and not require any signature or proof of delivery. 

Late applications will not be processed.  

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Hetu via email (    



    CT AAU Registered Clubs

    Click on the link above for a list of currently registered AAU Sports Clubs registered this year in CT.  Clubs not registered with the AAU are not held to the same standards and policies of registered Clubs.  

    Remember - Registration now includes a background check on all adults applying for AAU membership. Please allow 1 - 3 weeks for processing.


    Click Here for AAU Registration: If you have any questions registering, please call the National office directly at: Phone: 407-934-7200

    Click here for online tech support.


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